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Special Education Acronyms and Definitions

504 Plan:  A 504 plan refers to section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.  The 504 plan highlights modifications necessary for a student to access the school environment.  It is reviewed each year to ensure the plan is working.

FAPE: Free and Appropriate Public Education- FAPE is a part of IDEA that allows for special education students to have free modifications, accommodations, and support services that allow them to access and benefit from public education.  Special education students are still responsible for any fees or materials that are required of the general education students.

IDEA:  Individuals with Disabilities Education Act – This is the national law that guides Special Education services.

IEP:  Individualized Education Program – This refers to the plan the team creates to assist a child to reach educational goals.  It consists of specific goals for the child in each area of need.  The IEP is reviewed each year with the team.

OT: Occupational Therapist- The OT may be a member of the IEP team if the child has significant difficulty with fine motor activities (activities using hands and smaller controlled movements) that impact his education.

PT: Physical Therapist – The PT may be a member of the IEP team if the child has gross motor needs in order to improve participation and access to the school environment.

Related Services:  Related services refers to services that help the child to benefit from special education

SLP: Speech and Language Pathologist – The SLP may be a member of the IEP team if the child has difficulty with language or speech that impact his education.

Supplementary Aids and Services: These include aids, services, and other supports necessary to assist the child to participate in learning with peers.